Independent Living

Services and Features

Available at all Sites

SULI has developed and is currently involved in providing much needed services for the senior residents of the community:

  • Transportation

    We provide senior citizen transportation services for medical appointments, errands and minor trips around town.
    We do substantially more than providing rides for the elderly; we’re helping to solve a huge social need. Seniors now have an alternative to driving that preserves their independence.

  • Excursion

    Social, recreational, educational and cultural programs tailored to the interests and abilities of seniors. Trips are organized and run by volunteer leaders.

  • Health and Wellness services

    We provide a convenient way for senior citizens to learn about the options available in their local community that support their changing needs. Seniors will have the opportunity to learn about available services that help promote wellness and healthy living. Our goal is improving the physical, emotional, and social well-being of seniors.

  • Transitional Housing

    We provide education, services and support essential to achieving personal and financial independence. Our seniors participate in a personal development plan. Follow up services are provided for those transitioning to independent senior facilities, assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

  • Food Pantry

    We provide canned goods and other groceries to persons in need of food assistance. With all we do, there never seems to be enough time to devote to this critical function.

  • Workshop on Safety and Identity Theft

    Our workshops teach our seniors how to protect themselves from identity theft and how criminals can assume their identity. We offer these seminars to increase awareness about the damage that can result from their activity.

  • Family Workshops

    As our seniors advances in age, they require more attention and assistance. We provide information, counseling and assistance to seniors and their families to address the specific needs of elderly adults. We believe it is important to offer encouragement and a variety of programs and activities to enhance the lives of our community’s elderly residents.

Fundraisers and Drives

  • Care Package Drive

    A Care Package Drive to benefit the seniors was organized. We provided soup, oatmeal, socks, glove, thermal wear and blankets to our seniors in the community. (November – December 2011, 2012, 2013)

  • Blanket Drive

    Blankets, toiletries, towels and wash cloths delivered to homeless. (January – March 2014)

  • Fundraisers

    – Calendar Project (2013)
    – Seniors Bus Trip to Sight and Sounds Theater, Lancaster, PA (April, 2014)

  • Fan Drive

    Fans will be delivered to the elderly during the summer months (2014)