Independent Living

A Sense of Place
What it means to be a SULI Resident

Our seniors are the foundation of our communities and have paved the way for us; in return, SULI will make it possible for them to live out the remainder of their lives, with care and dignity at Tranquility at the Lakes, in a safe, clean and affordable environment.


The Ideal Location keeps the Residents
connected to Family and Friends


Located at Burton Station Rd, Seniors Unlimited Lifestyles in partnership with Community Housing Partners presents its first Senior Housing facility — Tranquility at the Lakes.

The affordable apartment complex for seniors is one of the first signs of revitalization in one of the city’s oldest historical neighborhoods.

Seniors Unlimited Lifestyles Inc. is designed to offer the following to each resident:

  • A Community of individuals with similar backgrounds

  • The Opportunity to experience living in a safe and decent home

  • A means to improve independent living skills

  • A means to learn and experience community involvement

  • A source of communication and peer interaction to enrich their lives

  • Planned Activities


Ms Doris Robinson Blount
Tranquility Resident

Back Home Again
The Doris Robinson Blount Story


I’ve lived on the same land where Tranquility at the Lakes is now built, since the 1930’s. This is where I went to school, worked and raised my family here until I moved to Norfolk.  My grandmother Ester Robertson and my mother Bessie Robertson also stayed here until their health failed them. My mother, after losing her legs to diabetes lived at Lake Taylor for 21 years. My grandmother, Ester Robertson died on this very spot.
I’ve had lots of happy memories here in Burton Station.  My children loved growing up here in this family neighborhood where everyone looked out for each other. I prayed that I would get to move back here, and the Lord answered my prayers.
I am very happy living here, I thank and praise God that I am back home again. Thank You Lord!